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Douglas County is actively pursuing system reform efforts. These fall under the umbrellas of Operation Youth Success (OYS) and the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI).


Operation Youth Success is bringing people together to decide what aspects of juvenile justice in Douglas County need to change and how that change will happen. Conversations with over 200 community stakeholders have led to the following shared vision and goal:
Across Douglas County, our vision is a comprehensive, coordinated, and community-wide approach to juvenile services that eliminates the need for youth involvement with our justice system while maintaining public safety.
For all youth who do enter our justice system, our goals are to provide effective, compassionate and individualized support that empowers youth and their families to succeed and to build an environment of mutual trust and accountability.

Please visit the OYS website for information, news and updates for all of the OYS and JDAI efforts: https://operationyouthsuccess.org/