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  • All referrals to the JAC are made by the Douglas County Attorney's Office (DCAO).
  • Youth is arrested/cited with law violation or referred to JAC with a status offense.
  • Youth are assessed using standardized, objective assessment instruments (Youth Level of Service and Diagnostic Predictive Scale) to identify risk of re-offense, needs, education-related problems, strengths and protective factors.
  • Assessment results drive the justice system’s response to the juvenile.
  • JAC recommends a response to the DCAO that accounts for the juvenile’s individual circumstances.
  • DCAO reviews all JAC recommendations and provides final approval for Diversion Case Plans.
  • Emphasis is on matching the youth's needs with treatment, rehabilitation, and supervision, which diminishes the likelihood of re-offense, as well as providing support and tools to enable each youth to become a more responsible and productive citizen.
  • Community Agencies and Service Providers develop program capacity which gives the justice system a wide selection of options for juveniles to meet each individual youth’s specific and unique needs.
  • Philosophy is to intervene as early, effectively and often as possible to disrupt the juvenile’s progress as a law violator and to support the growth and development of young citizens.


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