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The Douglas County Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) is dedicated to improving the lives of juveniles by helping to strengthen and support children and families who are involved, or at risk of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system. The Juvenile Assessment Center believes each juvenile should be supported based on individual risks and needs.

The Douglas County Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) provides the cornerstone of evidence-based practices for juvenile justice youth service: screening and assessment. The JAC serves as the focal point for comprehensive assessment for youth coming to the attention of the Douglas County Attorney’s Office (DCAO). The JAC provides to the DCAO recommendations for the most efficient and effective interventions and supervision levels for each youth.

The JAC strives to divert all eligible youth from formal processing, while recommending interventions to prevent further law violations, and enhance productive growth of young citizens. The JAC utilizes evidence-based principles such as the risk/need principle by making targeted referrals, based on screening and assessment, and referring to service providers in the community utilizing evidence-based principles, as well as monitoring utilization and effectiveness of each of these services.


Key Components of Douglas County JAC:

  • Systematic intake and processing
  • Case files are opened on all juveniles
  • Standardized, objective instruments are administered
  • Assessment results drive the justice system's response to the juvenile
  • Collaboration with Community Service Providers to develop program capacity which gives the justice system a wide selection of options for juveniles
  • Emphasis is on matching the juvenile's needs with support/treatment/supervision, which diminishes the likelihood of re-offense
  • Philosophy is to intervene as early, effectively and often as possible to disrupt the juvenile's progress as a law violator  

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